Time flies especially in Jakarta, the busy metropolitan city.
You're working, typing and suddenly you only have 5 minutes for lunch.

In your fast-paced daily lives, we want to give all of you, a good, nutritious meal that you can eat with one hand
Take a big bite, savor each chew, and cherish every flavors.

Our TOIRO turn our wish into Japanese style Ongiri.
and we brought you TOIRO ONIGIRI, the first in Jakarta.

Grand Open


Taste the natural sweetness of our freshly cooked rice from choice grains and sun dried salt from Bali, Kusamba.
Our onigiri is made delicately and wrapped in mineral-rich Setonaikai seaweed.
Our professional Japanese chef will serve you homemade onigiri with a choice of tasty fillings, as well as fresh salads and hearty miso soup.

From a long time ago, rice is an important commodity for every human. It is used as a currency and, off course, important food source for our body. Rice is also a tribute for God.

Savoring rice is feeling the pleasure of life.

Onigiri is one of the best and modest ways to enjoy rice.

It is a simple meal, but enhanced with the best quality ingredients.

Our goal is to provide a healthy options and relaxing time for your meals, and add a little bit of color to your daily life.


Mid Plaza 2, Basementfloor
Jl. Jenderal Sudirman kav.
10-11 Jakarta 10220
Open : Mon-Sat, 8AM-6PM
Tel : 087827247326

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